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Pillar & Sons provide a full range of sharpening services from manufacturing and industrial knives to consumer needs, increasing your productivity and extending the life of your equipment. Using state-of-the-art equipment, cutting edges are honed with high accuracy to provide as good as, or better than new operation. Keeping your equipment in pristine condition makes sure your first cut is all you need to complete the task, reducing labor time and equipment run-time, saving you money and down-time. Please browse our website to find out how Pillar & Sons Sharpening Services can help you an your business.

Featured Services

Paper, Plastic & Rubber Recycling Industry

Granulator, Chipper & Flanker knives, Shredder, Pelletizer, Chipper, Flanker, and Milling cutters & Knives

Industrial & Printing Knives

We can sharpen every type of industrial blade: Straight Guillotine Knives, High speed steel, Tungsten carbide, Titanium carbide, all types of exotic metal blends

Printing and Paper Industry

Guillotine knives, Finishing Knives, Trimmer Knives, Spline Cutters, Three knife trimmers, Binding & Stitching Knives in high speed steel, Tungsten carbide, titanium carbide, all types of exotic metal blends. Single Edge, Double Edge, Single Edge Single Bevel, or Double Edge Bevel

Knife Sharpening

At Pillar & Sons we hand sharpen all our knives using the wicked edge sharpening system We can make your knives sharper than new.

Lawn & Tree Contractors

Look after your lawn. Keep your lawnmower blades sharp!

Circular Saw Blade Sharpening

Pillar & Sons we realize that your saws must be kept in like-new condition in order to reduce production time and reduced production time saves you money! This is how we achieve our goal of keeping your saws like-new:

What our customer’s had to say

Lee and his son really pay attention to the details. Honest, trustworthy and very dependable! I highly recommend them for all your sharpening needs.

- Alicia Pizer

Alicia's Kitchen

Very nice service. On the spot sharpening! I won't use anyone else

- Bruno Suppa

Pennsylvania Shave Co