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Woodworking Blade Sharpening


Router Bits

Circular Saws

We sharpen all HSS & Carbide Blades up to 48 inch in diameter. We also sharpen industrial blade inserts.

At Pillar & Sons we realize that your saws must be kept in like-new condition in order to reduce production time and reduced production time saves you money! This is how we achieve our goal of keeping your saws like-new:

  1. First, we clean and inspect the blade to provide an accurate assessment of the work required.
  2. We then check the trueness of the saw body
  3. The blade is sharpened using ultra fine diamond grit wheels to insure we remove the minimum amount of steel. This will extend the life of the blade.
  4. Quality Inspection: After the blade has been sharpened, we to make sure it has the highest quality edge before returning to client

Our high-quality blade sharpening service saves you money! How? By sharpening your blades to like-new condition you will benefit from the following:

  1. Increased tool productivity will reduce production time.
  2. Overall tool cost is reduced by using blades for a longer period before replacement is required.
  3. Quality sharpening reduces the time between sharpening, reducing down-time.
  4. Sharp blades cut cleaner, reducing the number of secondary cuts, resulting in a higher quality product and reduced production costs.

Carbide Tipped Circular Saw Blade Sharpening

We use ultra-fine diamond grit wheels as this is the only way to sharpen Carbide tipped saw blades. Upon receipt, the carbide tipped blade is inspected, and flattened, if required. It is then polished, sharpened and wax-dipped to protect the teeth and the user during transportation. We work with accuracy and use extremely tight grinding tolerances to ensure that your blade is as sharp or sharper than new. As we remove minimal carbide, it is possible for some blades to be sharpened in more than 12 times before replacement, reducing your operating costs.

Cold Circular Saw Blade Sharpening

To achieve a super-fine finish and tooth shape, which will ensure your machine cuts like new, we use extremely tight tolerances, providing maximum cutting life, maximizing blade life, and reducing the number of times sharpening is required. Our commitment to quality will save you money and extend the life of your circular saw blades.

HSS & Steel Circular Saw Blade Sharpening

Utilizing the same method as described above for cold saw blade sharpening, HSS and steel saw blades are sharpened to the highest standard. We use extremely tight tolerances allowing us to remove the minimum amount of steel from the blade, which extends the life of your blades. Many of our clients are able to sharpen their blades as many as twenty times before replacement. Pillar & Sons are known for their quality and consistency and work hard to ensure you receive the best possible service for all your sharpening needs.


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