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Knife Sharpening Service

At Pillar & Sons we hand sharpen all our knives using the wicked edge sharpening system. We can make your knives sharper than new.

We specialize in the following types of knives:

There are many reasons to use a sharp knife instead of a dull one:

  1. The vegetables stay fresh longer – when a vegetable is cut with a dull knife it actually not cut it is crushed juices flow out and the ends of the vegetable is jagged causing it to be bruised. When cut with a sharp knife it is cut smooth edge and not bruised and the juices stay in the vegetable
  2. Taster fruits and vegetables – since the juices stay in the food and not on the cutting board it would only make since that they would taste better and have more of its nutrients
  3. Sharp knife is safer – when cut with a sharp knife the cut heals 30% to 50% faster one reason is there takes less pressure when cutting using a sharper knife and the wound is smooth and not jagged

Reasons hand sharpening is better than using a grinder to do routine sharpening:

  1. It removes 3 to 4 times the amount of material that hand sharping does each time (These are your knives you invested in. They could last a life time or naw)
  2. When a grinder is used it heats up the metal which can cause it to lose some of the metals temperament and cause more nicks and broken tips

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