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Lawnmower Blade Sharpening Service

How to tell when your lawnmower blade needs sharpened:

After cut your lawn and it has a yellowish whites tint to the lawn look at the tip of a blade of grass if its jagged your lawnmower blade is ripping the grass not cutting it.

Our Lawnmower Blade Sharpening service:

Upon receipt, we clean the blade then thoroughly inspect the blade for cracks and how deep the nicks are and to see oh thick the trailing edge is to see if the blade is worth sharpening. After determining the blade is good we sharpen all cutting edges and check for balance then balance the blade.

We sharpen both straight and mulching blades

Stump grinder teeth sharpening service

Pillar & Sons we realize that your grinder teeth must be kept in like-new condition in order to reduce operation time and prolong machine lifeā€¦. which saves you money! We use ultra-fine diamond grit wheels to sharpen your cutter teeth and restore the factory cutting angle.

  1. First, we clean and inspect the teeth to provide an accurate assessment of the work required.
  2. The teeth are sharpened using ultra fine diamond grit wheels to insure we remove the minimum amount of steel. This will extend the life of the teeth.
  3. Quality Inspection: After the teeth have been sharpened, we to make sure they have the highest quality edge before returning our client

Our high-quality stump grinder teeth sharpening service saves you money! How? By sharpening your teeth to like-new condition you will benefit from the following:

  1. Increased stump grinder productivity will reduce cutting time.
  2. Increased stump grinder life by reducing the time required to grind the stump.
  3. Reduces the maintenance required for your stump grinding machine.
  4. Quality sharpening reduces the time between sharpening, reducing down-time.

Chainsaw Sharpening Service

How you can tell when a chainsaw needs sharpening:
As it depends upon a number of issues such as the hardness of the wood, contact with the ground, contact with hard objects in the wood such as nails, etc., it is difficult to know how long your chainsaw will last. However, there are tell-tale signs that indicate when your saw needs sharpening: When a chainsaw is sharp, it will create large sized wood chips but when dull, it will create sawdust or small wood shards. A dull chainsaw will also need more pressure as it will not draw itself into the wood nor will it be self-feeding.

Our Chainsaw Sharpening Service:
Upon receipt, we thoroughly inspect your chainsaw for bent or burred links, loose rivets or broken rivet heads, and broken cutters or tie straps. At that point, we will provide you will a full estimate for sharpening and restoring your chainsaw to like-new operation. Our price will include any repairs required and sharpening and balancing your chainsaw.

We sharpen chainsaws from all major brands including carbide.

Hedge Trimmer Sharpening Service

Chipper Blade Sharpening Service

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