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Paper, Plastic & Rubber Recycling Industry

We can sharpen all HSS & Carbide Recycling Knives. All blades are cleaned and inspected then sharpened using precision equipment. We hand hone the blade to a razor edge. Stropping is available at extra charge

Type Of Knifes

  1. Granulator
  2. Chipper & Flanker knives
  3. Shredder
  4. Pelletizer
  5. Chipper
  6. Flanker
  7. Milling cutters & Knives

Type of Metal

  1. High speed steel, Tungsten carbide, titanium carbide, all types of exotic metal blends

Sharpening Process
At Pillar & Sons our eyes are always on the knife

  1. 1st we clean and inspect the knife
  2. 2nd we sharpen the knife taking great care to avoid over heating of the knife
  3. 3rd we hand hone the knife making sure all burrs are removed
  4. 4th we polish and strop the knife to insure there are no draw backs

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